Property Management Services We Provide

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Venture Dynamics is a full service property management company. Property management is our only business. Trouble free operation of your single family home or small plex is our primary focus.

  • Venture DynamicsUpon inspection of your rental property, a licensed property manager will make recommendations to optimize income potential and establish rents.
  • Your rental property will be marketed through a wide variety of resources including newspaper ads, vacancy lists, multiple websites, relocation agencies, corporate housing administrators, and Realtors.  
  • Placing high quality tenants is our business! Prospective tenants are required to pass our rigorous screening criteria, virtually eliminating problems for our clients.
  • Venture Dynamics establishes an open line of communication with our tenants. Our rapid response to maintenance issues keeps vacancies low and occupancy high.
  • A licensed property manager will coordinate, supervise, and inspect all needed maintenance and repairs.
  • Regular drive-by inspections are conducted. Full property inspections are performed annually.
  • Rents are collected in a timely manner.
  • We supply forms, rental agreements, notices, etc., all of which comply with current property management state law and regulations.
  • In accordance with Oregon Real Estate Agency regulations, we maintain detailed records, ledgers, and accounts. Owners' statements are provided on the 25th of each month or the following business day.
  • We offer automatic deposits to our owners' accounts as well as e-statements, at no additional charge.

Property Management Maintenance and Repairs

  • Venture Dynamics has an extensive list of vendors, many with prearranged discounts for our clients.
  • All vendors are licensed and insured as required.
  • All repair costs are passed directly to the owner, with no additional mark-up.
  • Maintenance and repairs of up to $ 300.00 are handled through this office, as needed.
  • Any single repair in excess of $ 300.00 requires owner approval prior to commencement of work.
  • Preventative maintenance/upgrades to property will be suggested periodically.

Property Management Fee Structure

  • Monthly Property Management Fees
    1      single family residence or duplex      10% of monthly rent
    2+    single family residences  ...............   8%  of the monthly rent
  • Leasing fee
    To locate and place tenants                    50%  of one month’s rent
  • Marketing Package
    Internet advertising on multiple sites        $45.00/week

When you choose Venture Dynamics, Inc. as your property management company, you will never be charged:

  • Initial set-up fees.
  • a rental market evaluation.
  • a minimum vacancy rate.
  • an additional mark-up to any vendor invoice for needed repairs.
  • for routine inspections of your rental property.
  • for automatic deposits of your funds.
  • for e-statements.